24 September 2007

Hasn't he heard of Gran Turismo?

An English car delivery driver has been jailed for 10 weeks and banned from driving for three years after 'borrowing' a Porsche 911 Turbo from his place of work and being caught in a motorway speed-trap travelling at 172mph (276km/h), which is the fastest recorded ticket ever issued.  Sounds like his boss was wise to his game: he 'had asked his boss if could take the Porsche out the previous day but was repeatedly told no, the court heard'. 
- Daily Telegraph, 24 September 2007

22 September 2007

Penelope: Princess of Pets

Comedian Kristen Schaal (of Flight of the Conchords fame) has laid the foundations for a superhero saga of epic proportions and legendary badness-whuppin' prowess... yes, it's Penelope, Princess of Pets!

Warning: contains oddness and irritable avians.

16 September 2007

Sensitive, me?

'Thanks for the question, you little jerk.  You're drafted'
- Sen. John McCain, responding jokingly to a high school questioner who commented that at 71, he might be too old to serve as President (quoted in Time, 17 September 2007)

15 September 2007

I hope he used 'protection'

'Former US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage likens US relations with New Zealand at present to "dating".

"It's just like dating. I think we are on a date now," he said at the second US-NZ Partnership Forum in Auckland, which finished yesterday'

- NZ Herald, 12 September 2007

12 September 2007

A firm basis for policy-making

'I am an engineer, a master of calculation and tabulation.  I write out hypotheses for hours, I reject and I prove them again.  I make plans based on reason and proof'

- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says his calculations as an engineer as well as his belief in god convince him that Iran will not be attacked by western powers trying to end its nuclear programme [Source: Reuters, quoted in New Scientist, 8 September 2007]