14 May 2005

Not much to do in Ashburton, then?

Teenager trapped under avalanche of peas

A bored teenager was trapped under an avalanche of peas after he and two friends forced the door of a shipping container. Ashburton District Court was told yesterday that Benjamin Jordan Hylands, 17, used a cigarette lighter to burn the plastic ties securing the closed shipping container at a seed company yard. As he opened the door, peas flooded out onto the ground, trapping his associate up to his chest.

Police, fire and ambulance staff had to use a forklift truck to rescue the boy, who had minor injuries. Hylands admitted a charge of recklessly damaging the peas belonging to South Island Seeds. He was sentenced to 200 hours community work and ordered to pay reparation of $200, half the value of the damaged peas.

- NZPA, 10 May 2005

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