17 October 2005

In other news, he also left the oven on

Roy chose wrong box on celebrant form

He ticked the wrong box on the marriage celebrant form but Eric Roy assured people he didn't also vote for Labour by accident.

In the leadup to the general election, the Invercargill National MP claimed he had been struck off the register of marriage celebrants and slammed Internal Affairs for saying he had removed himself.

Internal Affairs denied this was the case and maintained Mr Roy had asked to be taken off the register.

The Southland Times requested the document in question from Internal Affairs. It shows Mr Roy ticked a box saying he did not want to remain a marriage celebrant.

Mr Roy admitted his error but said he also had to go to lengths to recover the form to find out.

"I have ticked the wrong box ... why I did I don't know."

When asked if he might have done the same thing at the election, Mr Roy laughed and said: "Anything's possible but I don't think so. I checked it three times."

- Southland Times, 17 October 2005

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