21 November 2005

These ice-trays are bulletproof, presumably?

'The Pentagon has been paying a contractor $20 each for plastic ice-cube trays that sell over the counter for 85 cents, said Rep. Joel Hefley (R-Colo.), citing an Oct. 23 report by Knight Ridder newspapers.

According to the report, the military bought the ice trays through a 'prime vendor program' run by the Defense Logistics Agency. It also paid prime vendors $32,642 for a refrigerator for airplanes that cost $17,267 from the manufacturer, $81 for a coffee maker that the manufacturer sells for $29, and $43 for packs of coffee filters that usually sell for $11'

- Defense News, 7 November 2005

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Zara Whitaker said...

At first I thought it was a dirty glass so I poured my cocktail out and made another and the same thing happened. Made a third cocktail from my other ice tray and it was fine….ice cube tray