10 July 2007

So when you said you were lying, were you lying about that too?

A chap in Massachusetts tried to get out of jury duty by claiming he was 'homophobic, racist and a habitual liar'.  But the judge wasn't very impressed.  Here's the transcript of his interview with the superior court judge, Gary Nickerson:
"You say on your form that you're not a fan of homosexuals," Nickerson said.

"That I'm a racist," Ellis interrupted.

"I'm frequently found to be a liar, too. I can't really help it," Ellis added.

"I'm sorry?" Nickerson said.

"I said I'm frequently found to be a liar," Ellis replied.

"So, are you lying to me now?" Nickerson asked.

"Well, I don't know. I might be," was the response.

Ellis then admitted he really didn't want to serve on a jury.

"I have the distinct impression that you're intentionally trying to avoid jury service," Nickerson said.

"That's true," Ellis answered.

So can we clear this up - is honesty the best policy or not?

- CNN, 10 July 2007, via Fark.com

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