02 August 2007

Just one little word too many

Jola, 21, au pair

'In Belsize Park, I loved the summer house.  The father was very handsome.  The mother was pretty because she'd had a little plastic surgery.  At first, she liked me but we had an argument.  She called down the stairs, "Jola, the children are calling!".  I said, "I think they are calling you".  She said, "And I expect you to go to them".  I said, "Your husband is telling me about Hong Kong.  Two minutes, please".  Then she said, "You impertinent slut".  Then upstairs, she let me hear her say she had wanted a gay man as the au pair.  I said, "And what if the gay man was also attracted to your husband?".  I should not have said "also"'.

- Metro.co.uk, 2 August 2007

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