04 June 2008

RIP Bo Diddley

Above: Diddley

There was sad news from the world of music this week - reports that legendary rock and blues guitarist Bo Diddley died in Florida, aged 79.

Bo Diddley's musical talent will be greatly missed. I only have a few of his tracks, but they all roll with a massive rhythm and pulse with the soul of a man who could really play it mean.

I also liked the way his song titles always managed to work the words 'Bo' and 'Diddley' in somehow. For example, three of his songs were called 'Bo Diddley', 'Hey! Bo Diddley', and 'Bo Diddley-itis'. With that theme in mind, here's a few more of his previously unknown cover versions of songs by various artists throughout the years:

- Bo Diddley's Only Making Plans For Nigel
- Being For The Benefit Of Bo Diddley
- Wake Up Boo Diddley! (performing as The Bo Radley Diddleys)
- Girls Just Wanna Have Bo Diddley
- Thankyou (performing as Bo Dido-ley)
- Girls & Boys & Bo Diddley
- Mr Tambourine Man (performing as Bob Diddley-an)
- (Re-e-e-e-wind) When The Crowd Say Bo Diddley
- Bo Diddley-hemian Rhapsody

Now the world's most talented Bo is probably just Bo Derek.

Above: Derek

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