16 June 2009


Yes, it's pantyhose for men. Just what the world needed. Apparently black mantyhose is 'for the serious macho'.

E.Mancipate: Pantyhose for men


Steve N. said...

Ethan, I gather from your sarcasm that you are decidedly in the 'opposed' camp when it comes to 'mantyhose' (and from the 'daft' label attached to the article). That's unfortunate, because it's very evident you've reached this conclusion based only on the most meager familiarity with what is the emerging trend of men wearing sheer and opaque hosiery.

Admittedly, as the marketing director for ActivSkin Men's Legwear in the U.S., I am most certainly biased. But I only reached this bias due to much familiarity with the benefits provided by support legwear. The e-MANcipate site is concerned primarily with fashion and thus the reason for the many decorative styles shown on their pages.

However, men's hosiery also serves a very functional purpose as well. Rather than clutter up your comments page with a glut of commentary and discussion, I would encourage you, and your readers, to stop by my blog (The Nylon Gene, www.nylongene.com) and read some of the background discussion I've included there.

Basically, don't knock it til you've tried it...

Ethan Tucker said...

Hi Steve - fair point, I've not tried it and you've made your case succinctly. The tag 'daft' is used here mainly because I have two generic tags for stories like this - either 'nifty' or 'daft'. The guy in the picture, IMHO, looks a bit daft, hence the tag. However, the story is fairly nifty, so I'll happily amend if that would soothe any ruffled feathers.