13 January 2010

A slogan for Dunedin

Dunedin is staging a competition to find a new town slogan to replace the feeble 'I am Dunedin' incumbent. Here's some of the suggestions so far:

Dunedin, where that missing sock ends up
Dunedin: if Keith Richards called Invercargill the a---hole of the world, we must be its fun bits
Sydney is hot. Dunedin is cool
We burn the sofa at both ends
Dunedin – Kids are actually safe in our chocolate factory
“Been there Dunners that”
Dunedin – where you used to be
Down there
Dunedin: we’ve got a castle
Dunedin – cr-pping all over your summer since 1848
We keep your beers cold.
Dunedin: gateway to Mosgiel
Dunedin: At least it’s not Palmerston North
Dunedin: horizontal rain is a good thing
Dunedin: Keeping it real (cold)
Dunedin: It’s not Auckland

- Source: Red Alert

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