15 April 2010

K-9 and Company

As featured on Charlie Brooker's You Have Been Watching, the title sequence of the 1981 Dr Who spin-off K-9 and Company, featuring Elisabeth Sladen. Stylish! Exciting! Featuring a wall!


Matthew L said...

Of course, K9 and Company is on DVD, available in a box set with his first Doctor Who story (The Invisible Enemy). I had never seen it before, and I'm not sure I ever want to see it again. I had heard it wasn't great, but my gosh it was bad.

The good thing is that they finally figured out what they did wrong about the spinoff. (a) They built it around an awkward difficult-to-control remote-controlled dog, rather than basing it around Sarah Jane Smith, who was and is awesome, and (b) it was a mistake to try and make it in the 1980s (althoug that wasn't entirely their fault). Correct those problems, and you get The Sarah Jane Adventures, which is much better.

Ethan Tucker said...

The title sequence is rather lovely though. It's almost as if they drove to the most isolated village they could come up with so no-one could see them pratting about embarrassingly. And as David Baddiel pointed out on the show, the mechanisms used to show that she's a clever gal fall down somewhat: she reads the Guardian! She drinks white wine! She... runs a bit! She sits on a wall!