02 February 2006

Oh, had we mentioned we've been smoking dope?

Zimbabwe's 'naked twins' swap loincloths for freedom

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwean twins jailed last week for walking around in goatskin loincloths were released from remand prison after promising to "dress properly," a state daily reported. The twins left Harare central remand prison on Tuesday clad in shorts and shirts after the Harare magistrate's court ruled that they either dress properly or remain in custody.

Tapiwanashe and Tafadzwanashe Fichani, 22, were arrested on Wednesday last week while walking around in at a busy shopping centre in a posh Harare suburb while claiming to be divine messengers preaching about creation.

They were then brought before the magistrate's court for "appearing in a public place without wearing such articles of clothing as decency, custom and circumstance require."

Magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe remanded them in custody and ordered a psychiatric examination. Their lawyer told a local newspaper the results of the examination showed the twins were sane.

The twins claimed they received a divine order to shed conventional apparel for goatskin flaps and abandon the comfort of their family home in an expensive area to sleep in a chicken run.

The twins, who also admitted smoking marijuana, said they were on a mission to preach about creation. They were first arrested two weeks ago but they were set free after paying a fine.

AFP, 1 February 2006

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