29 May 2006

Unleash your inner ninja

Students at the University of Canterbury can now join Ninjasoc, the 250-strong club for those who wish to evoke the spirit of the black-clad mystic warriors of the night, according to The Press. This mainly seems to involve tying a jumper around your head and going 'aiieeee!' a lot.

University of Canterbury Students' Association president Warren Poh said Ninjasoc was one of the more unusual social clubs at the university.

"I don't think they are a secret bunch of real ninjas. I think they do stuff that is more ninja-aimed. I don't really know what, but they have had a couple of barbecues. Ninjas have to eat," he said.

Poh said Ninjasoc was welcome to use association facilities if it outgrew its secret headquarters.

Source: The Press, 23 May 2006

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