18 May 2006

Very Friday website roundup

Tales from the Vault: Canadian Pulp Fiction 1940-52

Excellent exhibition of pulp comics from the heyday of the Canadian publishing boom, including titles like Bill Wayne's Western Magazine, College Sports, Dare-Devil Detective Stories, Daring Confessions, Dynamic Action Tales, Stag, Startling Crime Cases and Uncanny Tales...

Tales from the Vault

Martin Waugh's 'Liquid Sculpture'

Beautiful stop-motion photographs of brightly-lit water droplets in action.

Liquid sculpture

List of neologisms on The Simpsons

A not-at-all-nerdy-really but thoroughly entertaining list of words and phrases coined on the world's best animated sitcom. Includes 'cromulent' and 'redorkulated', which no self-respecting 21st-century citizen should be without.

Simpsons neologisms

Small-town misfit

Reports from US police blotters, detailing peculiar minor incidents...

'A man was standing in the middle of the road holding a butcher’s knife in one hand and a dead armadillo in the other in the 12800 block of Peconic Court. He was ordered to drop the knife and the animal and he did. After speaking with him, he said he was not on his medication. When asked if he wanted to hurt himself or others, he said no'

Small-town misfit

Online gamers unmasked

Pictures of online gamers next to their fantasy-world doubles.

Gamers unmasked

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