21 September 2006

The effect of Pluto's reclassification on astrology

'Many astrologers believe that Pluto's effects were seen in charts done centuries ago, even from the 1600s - effects that were mapped out more fully only after Pluto was discovered'

- Adel Ather, owner of an astrology studio in Toronto, claims that the new status of Pluto will not change its supposed "powerful" influence (Ottawa Citizen, 25 August)

'Western astrology uses Pluto as a planet while Pluto was always out of Indian astrology and we do not use it in our calculations'

- Astrologer Mangal Prasad concurs that the reclassification will not affect Indian astrology, though for the opposite reason (Kerala online, 29 August)

- Both quoted in New Scientist, 2 September 2006

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