04 January 2008

The striking illiteracy of Anna Nicole Smith

In this old post from The Smoking Gun, court records point out that:

Vickie [i.e. Anna Nicole] appeared before the Court [in 2002] to testify for three days. Her communication skills were poor as she frequently had trouble engaging counsel. Her illiteracy is striking. Examples are too numerous to chronicle but include writing "25.00" meaning $2500 and "4500,00" meaning $4500 - she testified that she has trouble with zeroes.

Okay, I guess by quoting that selectively I'm being mean to a dead person who never made any claim to intellectual status. But the court records (link below) are worth a read to remind yourself what went on with her ancient multi-millionaire husband, J. Howard Marshall before the whole melodramatic and unfortunate end to her life. As the court ruling points out, 'While Vickie certainly drew a more noble image of herself than the facts bear out, her testimony on the statements made by J. Howard are credible'.

And let's not forget she was an award-winning actress too... well, okay, she won Worst New Actress for one of the Naked Gun films at the 1995 Razzies. At least she was well cast as a statuesque bombshell in The Hudsucker Proxy, so she could claim the indie chic associated with appearing in a Coen Brothers film.

- The Smoking Gun, 8 February 2007


Scraps said...

What's supposed to be wrong with writing 4500.00 to mean 4500? 4500.00 is 4500.

eT said...

Whoops, I copied it wrong - will edit to replace with correct quote which is "4500,00". Hardly a war crime, I know.