13 April 2008

And it's not even 1 April

'Shoes from Crocs, the much-maligned plastic clog manufacturer, will be worn by New Zealand Olympians as part of their official uniform - a decision that has appalled prominent fashionistas.

Female athletes will wear the "sueded alice" model - a suede-topped, plastic-soled shoe - for the opening ceremony and all athletes will wear the "beach" model - a version of the famous plastic slipper with holes in - around the games village.

Olympic chef de mission Dave Currie confirmed the sueded alice Crocs would form part of the official uniform being unveiled at a function at an Auckland winery on April 30. He said the opening ceremony Crocs would be "very stylish" and "not the ones with the holes in them", and an athlete design panel had collaborated on the uniform choice, which he described as "sensational"'.

Why not go one step further and outfit our athletes in Ug boots?  And I'm sure someone has probably already suggested that the athletes should emerge into the stadium in Beijing for the Olympic opening ceremony wearing jandals.  Like all unhealthy, ill-advised and embarrassing addictions, the key is to Just Say No, kids!

- Source: 'Crocs will be 'stylish' part of Olympic uniform', Sunday Star Times, 13 April 2008

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