25 April 2008


'In your local newsagent, Madonna currently stares down from four magazine covers. One of them belongs to a style magazine, celebrating the release of Hard Candy with a Madonna special that goes on and on like the old girl's career. Its 70 pages commence with an unwittingly hilarious interview. The journalist quotes Hard Candy's lyrics with a solemnity that suggests the words have been handed to him on tablets of stone. Every line is granted its own paragraph, as befits such sage words of profundity: "See my booty get down."

The album itself is described as "the next genre flux, a sonic collage ... the sound of a self-satisfied America teetering on the edge of nihilism", which is certainly one way of saying that it sounds like Justin Timberlake's last album'

- Alex Petridis reviews Madonna's new album, Guardian, 25 April 2008

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