11 September 2008

Growing up at the side of Chairman Mao

The music today's young people listen to? I dunno. Back in the day, songs for young people had meaning and purpose... like the ones on this stirring children's classic, I Am A Sunflower. The two catchiest numbers from this vinyl relic from the (first half of the 1970s) years of Chairman Mao's rule in China include Little Red Guards Attend A Repudiation Meeting, and that chart-topping smash, Criticise Lin Piao And Discredit Him Completely. It's also worth mentioning that the cover art depicts happy, smiling Chinese kids marching with rifles.

(Lin Biao (also Piao) was a famous revolutionary general who rose to become Mao's anointed successor, but died in a 1971 plane crash after what appeared to be a coup against Mao)

LP Cover Lover - Mao Sounds

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