22 October 2008

Don't sugar-coat it, Alan

Alan McGee of Creation Records fame has a few strong opinions about the Q Awards, just announced in London:
...in Q World (a dull place full of accountants and estate agents) the biggest band in the world are Coldplay: music for grown-up teenage emos, who, when not crying and writing bad poetry about sad colours, are giving a few pounds to Amnesty International charity workers, because that is what Chris Martin would do (weeping bitter tears for the world as he did so). Of course, Coldplay went onto win best album and why not? We are in Q World now...
If depression, blandness, and boredom would ever manifest itself in physical form, it would be the Q Awards. Someone actually said "there are no losers tonight, only people full of win!". No, there is one big loser: music. The Q Awards are the meaningless musical equivalent of Homer Simpson "winning" the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.
- Alan McGee, 'Why I hate the Q Awards', Guardian, 21 October 2008 
[Yeah, two Guardian articles in a row, losing my touch!  Disclosure: I still buy Q Magazine now and then, but not every issue like I did from 1993 to 2006]

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