08 October 2008

Fixing a hole?

A birthday party was held in the street by local traders in Edinburgh... for a pothole.  Protesting at the time taken to fix the hole in Leith Walk, the traders erected a banner: 'Happy birthday hole - one year old'.  But to their surprise their mock birthday celebrations were interrupted when local tram-line contractors tore down the banner and began popping the balloons the traders had tied up.  A minor scuffle ensued:

Diane Taylor-Wallace, owner of the Snail Mail shop, said: "I'm still a bit shocked, it got nasty really quickly. I was in the shop chatting and I heard the noise of balloons popping and automatically thought some kids had got hold of them.  So I went out with my best stern granny look but to my amazement I saw all these grown men bursting the balloons"
See how upset people can get if you throw a party and don't invite them?

- The Scotsman, 7 October 2008

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