21 November 2008

Good thing it wasn’t a lifetime supply

Speights brewery have presented a year’s supply of their ale (52 dozen bottles) to retired shearer Paddy Mathias, 95, who now lives in a rest home in Queenstown. Not wishing to advocate alcoholism amongst the extremely aged, perhaps it would be better for Paddy to restrict himself to one bottle per day. At that rate they’d last until July 2010… assuming Paddy lasts that long, that is. Good luck to him!

The Otago Daily Times also reported that:

On his birthday in June, Mr Mathias told the Otago Daily Times he had "not yet" been tempted to get married, and when asked yesterday if he had asked any of the nurses to marry him, he replied, sharp as a tack, "Not yet."

- Otago Daily Times, 21 November 2008

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