21 November 2008

'I met her brains out'

Transcript of a live BBC Radio 1 interview on the Chris Moyles show, 21 October 2008, following up the ridiculously overblown ‘Sachsgate’ controversy, the resignation of Russell Brand from the BBC, and the suspension without pay of Jonathan Ross:

Russell Brand (RB):
… and could I take this opportunity to apologise to British institution and Manuel actor from Fawlty Towers, Andrew Sachs, whose answerphone message I besmirched … or more importantly, Jonathan Ross who I know was problematic when he came on your show Chris … He was … I phoned up Andrew Sachs to apologise for a matter live on radio and Jonathan Ross blurted out an expletive regarding Andrew Sachs’s grand-daughter who I’d in inverted commas recently “met”.

I met her brains out.

Chris Moyles (CM):
Wow ..


What a … wow.

And she’s in the hot tub?

There was a hot tub incident, but remember, that hot tub in a way is like Lourdes – people come there to be cleansed … and play cricket.

- BBC Editorial Standards Committee findings (PDF, 19 pages), November 2008

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