16 January 2009

A staff-led approach to improving office morale

'The Manchester Evening News this week reported the resignation of two Oldham office workers who were caught in an intimate clinch by a window, oblivious to the fact their antics had attracted a cheering crowd outside.

The pair frolicked naked behind a partly-frosted window and only stopped their 20-minute encounter last summer when a police community support officer spotted the crowd and interrupted them. A "full investigation" was promised by red-faced bosses at employers Unity Partnership, who are contracted by Oldham council to improve public services, but the man and woman have since resigned.

One astonished taxi driver, who did not wish to be named, said "loud cheers" rang out from the street at various points during the romp. "I'm surprised they couldn't hear us. It was hilarious." Another witness said: "They weren't really young. The man seemed to be quite keen - you could clearly see them through the glass."'

- Guardian, 15 January 2009

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