18 January 2009

This is a tribute

Adam Brown of Cracked.com has compiled a list of the 12 most god-awful tribute albums ever. Here's an excerpt from the section on The Piano Tribute to Korn, which is by no means the worst tribute album on offer:

In the late 90s, Korn managed to become one of the biggest bands in the land by using detuned guitars and Cookie Monster vocals to speak to the anguish and fears of 'roided up douchebags far and wide. It should come as no surprise that once stripped of the vocals, guitars, aggression, attitude and faux gang sign waving, the music falls a little flat. Granted, we'd still rather listen to this than an actual Korn album, but that doesn't mean this tribute was a good idea.

Be warned: another of the 12 is entitled 'Harptallica'...

- Cracked.com, via Largehearted Boy

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