05 March 2009

Did he just say that?

'A video of Spain's prime minister has become a viral video hit today after he accidentally uttered the F word in a news conference with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Reuters reports.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was outlining a Spanish-Russian plan to promote tourism between the two countries during Medvedev's state visit when his mouth momentarily disengaged from his brain.

"Tourism is an area of special economic importance in relations between Spain and Russia," said Zapatero, speaking in Spanish. "Therefore we have reached an agreement to stimulate, to favor, to f---."

With barely a pause, but looking down at his lectern, he quickly continued, "... to support tourism."

The Spanish word "to support" has a similar sound to the expletive uttered by Zapatero'

- Times Online, 4 March 2009

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