02 February 2010

Antipodeans in London

Selections from London's TNT Magazine 'Desperately Seeking' page:

TO ALL THE SHE[PHERD'S] BU[SH] CREW AT NO. 12: Cheers for a top Australia Day. I had so much fun at the Walkie. Met so many new people, got so drunk and woke up on a strange lounge floor with a picture of a cock on my face. Best night of my life. I love London. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi. SteveO.

JULIA: You rock my world. Every time we speak, it's like 1000 volts of electricity shoots through me. This could be the real thing. I hope you feel the same way. Let's hang out more and see where it goes. Marcus.

DUNGA FROM ACTON: Put it away mate. We've all seen it before.

ADRIAN: It's over, you slut! I can't believe you shagged my sister. Don't worry though - your mates Rod and Tane were the best I've ever had. If you ever show your face again you'll find your clothes all burnt ... and I gave away your precious axolotyl. Haha. Suck on that.

- TNT Magazine, 1-7 February 2010

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