10 February 2010

Get me a P with an H of G!

Kira Cochrane on the 20th anniversary re-release of Pretty Woman:

...[O]ne of the project's best qualities is Roberts's saltiness and steel: you never really believe she is less than Gere's equal. But still, her character is the ultimate example of that oldest, most noxious of movie cliches, the prostitute with a heart of gold ("Get me a P with an H of G!" the legendary film producer, Samuel Goldwyn, apparently shouted when a script came up short). It's a stereotype that's popular for two reasons. One, it depicts women as bodies to be bought and sold. Two, it depicts them as moral saviours. Completely available; ­completely redemptive. Ker-ching: you've hit the womanly jackpot!

- Guardian, 9 February 2010

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