24 August 2006

Guaranteed not to include exclamation marks

Once a staple source for the days-of-yore Word-document style Very Friday Email, the very excellent Dull Men's Club is still a bastion of nerdly pottering chap pursuits on the internet, and is still worth perusing.

Decked out in a stylish (and unexciting) dull grey colour-scheme, the DMC links to marvellous (yet resolutely unexciting) features like probably the world's largest list of airport baggage carousels (and whether they rotate clockwise or anticlockwise); a webcam inexplicably pointing at an extremely dull bus-stop in the Algarve at which no human being ever seems to wait; a history of folding chairs; and people who collect disused supermarket shopping lists left in shopping trolleys. Hours of entertainment for the dull or would-be dull [exclamation mark removed to avoid undullness].

[Courtesy of Felix]

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