03 August 2006

'Hopefully, it's a grounded spoiled'

The parents of wannabe singer-actor-celebrity Marissa Leigh, 16, of Scottsdale, Arizona, employ 10 people for her career development, according to an April Arizona Republic story, including manager; publicist; voice coach; two acting coaches; people to do makeup, hair and wardrobe; musical composer; photographer; and webmaster (plus, of course, an entourage of confidence-boosting friends).

"She's spoiled," said her mother, "but hopefully, it's a grounded spoiled." However, on her national TV debut, on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" (a party which her parents spent $150,000 to stage), she was caught saying "I'm a princess" and "I'm such a rock star that I can do this" and "I always get exactly what I want."

Even after MTV cut the two songs she sang, she was optimistic: "(This show)'ll still put my name out there and stuff."

Source: Arizona Republic, 26 April 2006, via NewsOfTheWeird

[Marissa's website says she took the role of Helen Keller in a play, aged 7! Future Oscar-winner too, no doubt]

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