14 July 2005

Idle pursuits: a Very Friday website roundup

Bird Snatchers

Help the brave cats pilot their new invention - a balloon they've made to help them nab those tasty birds for supper! The instructions are nice. Purrr...


Falling Russian Ragdoll Bubble Girl

This has been linked to by every site under the sun in the past few weeks, so it might be down when you visit it. But have a look - it's rather hypnotic and you certainly wince and emit a sympathetic 'oof' when the figure splats into a bubble at full tilt. It also might be a little bit creepy too, but try not to think of it that way, okay?


The British and Irish Lions 'Laka'

Sure, they weren't up to much on the rugby field, but by crikey they can dance! A little bit of splendid cultural insensitivity from the Motherland [Courtesy of Malyon].


Just how weird are you?

A whole battery of personality testing to prod and probe the inner reaches of your psyche and tell you just about everything unreliable amateur pop psychology can tell a person about themselves [Courtesy of Culver].



If you like getting in a spaceship and blowing the crud out of things, then this might be up your
alley. It's a 2.75MB download, but.


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