13 July 2005

Yo, gangsta clergy - let's bust some heads!

Dismissed Jerusalem patriarch breaks into offices, clashes with clergymen

Text of report by Palestinian radio Voice of Palestine on 13 July:

Eirinaious I, the dismissed patriarch of the Orthodox Church [in Jerusalem], and 25 of his guards broke into the premises of the Orthodox Patriarchate in the Bab al-Khalil district in the old city in Jerusalem this afternoon.

The Head of the National Christian Grouping told our radio that a fist-fight took place between Eirinaious and his guards on the one hand and the clergymen who were present on the premises on the other, leading to injuries on both sides. Our correspondent in the occupied Jerusalem said that the occupation police forces arrived at the scene and prevented anyone from leaving the Patriarchate.

Source: Voice of Palestine, Ramallah, in Arabic 1300 gmt 13 Jul 05
(13 July 2005 16:21 GMT BBC Monitoring Middle East)

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