15 July 2005

Perhaps it just indicates increased youth interest in condoms?

Keep Sex Out Of Politics Says New Zealand First

Press Release by New Zealand First at 4:54 PM, 15 Jul 2005

"Labour is showing its true colours by resorting to condoms to get the youth vote and further exposes Labour's plans to continue its perverted agenda," says New Zealand First Leader, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

This is in response to Young Labour's youth wing of the Labour Party who are handing out condoms with stickers on them that say 'be safe with Labour' and 'dont get screwed by National," said Mr Peters."

President of Young Labour's comments "its Young Labour's job to get youth interested in Politics and the condoms are a part of that, " is a serious insult to the intelligence of our youth population by correlating condoms with an increased youth interest in Politics.

"This assumes that our youth are mindless clones who don't have the brains to weigh up who they want to vote for this coming election and does nothing to raise the important issues facing our youth."

It seems Labour's election agenda is obsessed with legalising gay marriages, legalising prostitution, and anything else that erodes social cohesion and traditional family values." said Mr Peters.


[Firstly, regarding the title: who put the sex in politics in the first place? No-one told me. And I think it's the first time condoms have been described as perverted by a NZ politician. Well, for a few decades now, at least. Brilliant Friday afternoon press release fun - thanks Winston!]

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