17 March 2006

Cruel and unusual punishment

Simon Power: Does the Minister believe that movies such as Getting Away with Murder, Interview with the Assassin, Wild Things 2, and Sex and Lucia, all rated R or R18, are suitable movies for prisoners to be watching; and what impact does he believe that watching such movies has on efforts put into prisoner rehabilitation and the maintenance of a just society?

Hon DAMIEN O'CONNOR: I do not believe that those movies are appropriate. The policy in this area has been breached, and the staff have been told again that it is not acceptable. I would like the House to note that I understand there was also a very good turn-out for other movies, namely, Babe, The Brady Bunch Movie, and 101 Dalmatians.

Simon Power: Why, if the department knew in 2002 that prisoners were watching movies contrary to prison policy, are prisoners still watching hundreds of movies that they are not permitted to-movies that show hard-core violence, drug abuse, and jailbreaks; and what will the Minister do to ensure that it does not happen again, other than wring his hands in 4 years' time?

Hon DAMIEN O'CONNOR: I am not aware that Babe, The Brady Bunch Movie, or 101 Dalmatians have violence or any other sordid details in them.

- Hansard, 28 Feb 2006

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