13 April 2007

Fame is a fickle master

When asked to decide who is more famous (in a global internet sense) between River Phoenix and Kirk Douglas... Amanda Peet and Sammy Davis Jr... Alan Rickman and Gene Kelly... and Matt le Blanc versus Steve McQueen... what would be your guess?
According to website Famousr, it was respectively River Phoenix, Amanda Peet, Alan Rickman and Steve McQueen.  (So at least some sanity re-emerged near the end there).  It's guided by the weird dictates of the massive and fickle internet community, which is as good a judge as any as long as you equate media volume with fame.  This site lets you rate the fame of the umpteen stars and would-be stars out there, and be warned - it's rather addictive...
[Courtesy of B3ta]

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