03 April 2007

Who said men can't multi-task?

Murder trials are a serious business, but also rather time-consuming. So it seemed yesterday, when the police officer assigned as security to a murder trial in Invercargill was double-booked. So while the man accused of murder sat in the dock, the detective had to divide his time between two courtrooms and also some extra mobile telephone calls outside in the corridor. According to the Southland Times, the detective said,

"I was only outside in the hallway anyway, making a few calls and arranging witnesses. He would have had to come past me."

If the gentleman in question is found guilty of the crime with which he is accused, here's hoping his cellmates don't hear how he missed a golden opportunity to head for the hills. Or perhaps Southland chaps accused of murder are by nature a particularly law-abiding bunch.

- Southland Times, 4 April 2007

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