03 April 2007

It's like the video for 'Black Or White' all over again

Courtesy of the B3ta newsletter, here's a morph-y face website for you to play with.  Says there are 750,000 possible variations you can come up with.  Worth a few minutes of your time to tinker with it, to see if you can produce the most heinously warped combination of face parts.


AL said...

I don't mean to be pedantic but the song was called 'Black or White'. Subtle difference for the title of a pop song but a big difference if it was say, part of an SQL query. Which it isn't. So I'll scuttle back under the rock from which I came ... :)

eT said...

Am deeply ashamed! [Snip!] Now it no longer reads 'Black & White'. Although now that I think of it, I'd quite like to see a movie starring a comedy double act of Jack Black and Jack White.