05 March 2008

Front page news (in Palmerston North)

The Manawatu Standard placed the following story (with picture) on its front page today:
A triple treat for egg lover
It's so rare, you will struggle to find a photo of it. That's why Palmerston North's Daphne Stern immediately called the Manawatu Standard when her customary poached-egg breakfast gave her the shock of her life yesterday. From inside the giant shell spilled three perfectly formed yolks.

"I lived on a farm growing up and basically eat an egg every day, but I've never seen this before," Mrs Stern said from her Elliot Street home of 48 years. "I've had plenty of doubles before, but a triple? I was just shocked."

It's "all go" in Palmerston North, obviously.

- Manawatu Standard, 5 March 2008

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