04 March 2008

A team to strike fear into the hearts of supporters

On the eve of the first test against England in Hamilton, the Waikato Times has compiled a Naff XI of some of the least impressive New Zealand test cricketers:

Waikato Times sports reporter Matt Richens takes a look at the worst players, statistically anyway, to pull on the creams for New Zealand in the past 20 years. Some of them were full of potential, some were head-scratching selections. Some only got in because of injuries and some just weren't able to make the step up to test cricket.

The team listing, along with number of tests played, is:

8 Darrin Murray
9 Blair Hartland
4 Phil Horne
1 Richard Jones
23 Chris Harris
6 Justin Vaughan
12 Lee Germon (+)
4 Mark Haslam
4 Robert Kennedy
14 Chris Pringle
10 Geoff Allott

He doesn't name a captain, but I'd guess either Vaughan or Harris. I'd put in a special mention for Michael Owens, who I recall bowled one of the widest test wides I've ever seen on a tour of England. The selection is a bit unfair on Richard Jones, given that he's only had one cap against a rampant Shoaib Akhtar.

- Source: Waikato Times, 4 March 2008

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