28 March 2008

Golden slumbers

In today's Guardian a report outlined several innovative new measures to encourage recalcitrant snoozers out of bed in the morning. One appealing, if frustrating, option is Clocky, the alarm clock on wheels that rings to wake you up, then runs off at random on its two knobbly wheels, blaring its alarm until you catch it. Similarly, the Blow Fly alarm drags you out of bed with a helicopter-style attachment that flings itself across the room and keeps ringing until it's reunited with its base unit. But my favourite for its sheer perversity is the surely too good to be true SnuzNLuz (yes, it's a truly awful name) that starts donating money from your bank account to a charity of your choice if you tarry in the sack!

- 'Cause for alarm', Guardian, 28 March 2008

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