03 August 2005

Very Friday website roundup #2

Cursor thief

Potentially highly-addictive game alert... keep your cursor away from the nasty leaping dude, who will stop at nothing to steal it from you. The longer you manage it, the higher your score.

The Adventures of Sneaky Mage and Stupid Sword

(n.b. Not their real names). Gamers will recognise a few themes running through these cartoon adventure exploits. If the threat "your GP or your HP!" means anything to you, this will be your cup of tea.


[Courtesy of Vincent. Hit 'next' at the bottom of the page to flick through the story]

Table-top Cricket

This cricket game is really well-made, and looks like a barrel of fun. But can anyone more clued-up let me know how to bat properly? Like, 'cos I'm slack at it. Oh, and it's from a gambling website. Don't gamble, kids. It gives you cancer.


Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men

Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men came out in 1973. At 6'5" and 300 pounds, he didn't care if you thought he was a sissy or not. Word.


[Courtesy of Louwrens]

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