24 May 2008

Ban all hair

Students at Feilding High School in the Manawatu have been banned from using hair products after some students spiked their hair up.  Now one student has been suspended for breaching the principal's rule.  Principal Roger Menzies said:
"Some of the kids started spiking their hair right up. When kids start abusing their privileges, we get into the dilemma of what is enough."

The easiest way to remedy this was to rule out hair product altogether, he said.

"It's an old chestnut really, you get kids complaining about free expression."

I don't have a problem with schools implementing arbitrary rules.  But they should be a bit more creative as they seek to foster uniformity in the student body.  Rather than banning hair products, wouldn't it be simpler just to ban hair?  It would stop all the hair-based rivalry amongst the school's female students, would save time in the shower in the morning, and would be refreshingly cool during summer months (although hats would probably be required to avoid melanoma).

- Source: Manawatu Standard, 22 May 2008  

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