12 May 2008

'I love America AND hot sandwiches'

In an April 2008 episode of sitcom My Name Is Earl, a policeman filming an episode of the reality TV programme Cops is called to a disturbance at the trailer park.  An outraged JOY (Jaime Pressly) is wielding a Weed-Whacker against a cowering EARL (Jason Lee) while his brother RANDY (Ethan Suplee) looks on and cradles a box containing a new kitchen appliance.

JOY: I'll tell you what the problem is - I sent this doofus to the Fair to find a way to make us some money and he ends up spendin' all the cash we have left on some stupid soccer-mom toaster!

EARL: I bought a patriotic sandwich maker because I love America and hot sandwiches, and she attacks me with a Weed-Whacker...

RANDY: It's the All-American Sandwich Press: it burns an American flag into any food item.  [Reads slogan on box] "French toast?  Not any more!"

JOY: It don't even make sandwiches!  It just decorates them.  I mean what's next?  You gonna buy a dress for a watermelon?

- My Name Is Earl, s.3 e.8

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