08 May 2008

Lesbians of Lesbos

The Guardian sent a reporter to the Greek isle of Lesbos, ancient home of the poetess Sappho, to investigate recent reports that some islanders are disgruntled about the stream of lesbian visitors to the island, and that the term 'Lesbians' should be reserved for people from the island.  She found that the outcry led by low-profile right-wing editor Dimitris Lambou was not reflected in the views of ordinary islanders, who often welcomed the money that the international visitors provide.  Quotes from the article:

'What do the visitors think about Lamrou challenging their right to be called lesbians?  "Thank God Sappho was born on Lesbos, not Rhodes," says Sandra, on holiday from Leeds with a group of friends to celebrate her 60th birthday.  "Or we would be stuck being known as Rhodesians".
There are few visible local women in Eressos, but I speak to an older shopkeeper, who tells me that the lesbians bring some excitement to what is "a very ordinary Greek village".  "I could easily be a lesbian if I was younger," says another woman.  "It would be far easier.  Those women are lovely and I have a horrible husband"

- Guardian, 8 May 2008

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