28 May 2008

Not a good day at the office

An over-eager Customs official in Japan has committed an impressive faux-pas: hoping to prove the drugs-sniffing ability of his Customs dog, he secreted a 142g package of cannabis in a random passenger's suitcase, and then set the dog to finding the drugs.  Unfortunately the dog couldn't find it, and by the time they gave up the canine search the officer had forgotten which suitcase the drugs were in!  Humbled and apologetic, the officer is asking for the random passenger with the surprise present in their luggage to bring it back to Customs.
"I knew that using passengers' bags is prohibited, but I did it because I wanted to improve the sniffer dog's ability," the officer was quoted as saying. "The dogs have always been able to find it before... I became overconfident that it would work," he said.
- Source: BBC News, 26 May 2008

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