20 May 2008

The limits of the barter economy

The newspapers reported this week that a 28-year-old mechanic queuing to purchase some snacks at a petrol station in Carterton in the Wairarapa opened a bag of M&Ms to nibble on before he'd paid. After scoffing a few, he realised that he didn't actually have any money with him. So, being a lateral thinker, when he reached the front of the queue he decided to offer the only item of value he could think of in part exchange: 12 grammes of cannabis and his pipe.

Guess what? The next person in line was a police officer. As Fark would say, jailarity ensued - or, more accurately, bailarity. New word, that. No, don't thank me.

- Source: 'Unexpected bite to case of the munchies', Dominion Post, 20 May 2008

[Courtesy of Helen C]

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