02 May 2008

How scarfies save on heating

They'd be spending every waking hour in the Otago Museum's tropical forest exhibit, if they had any sense.  It certainly beats shivering in a freezing cold flat whilst wearing three layers of jerseys.  Oh wait, it's $8.50 for an entry ticket.  Is that cheaper than running a one-bar heater?  And, more importantly, what is Willa O'Neill's view on the important matter of student accommodation heating in Dunedin? 

- Source: Otago Daily Times, 2 May 2008

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Alastair said...

"Museum officials said the forest facility, which was maintained at about 30degC and was home to hundreds of brightly coloured tropical butterflies, had remained very popular since it opened late last year."

Trapped in a sweltering room with hundreds of flying insects is my almost my own version of hell.

I say almost as my version also has Pink Floyd piped in on an endless loop.