14 May 2008

Worst #1 songs of the 80s

Jon Cummings of Popdose trawls through the video archives for a rundown of his picks for the worst songs of the 1980s. Warning: includes gratuitous Bette Midler references...

[Wings Beneath My Wings is] the kind of song that, when the DJ puts it on, you’re forced to leave your own friend’s wedding reception (true story). It’s really a bellwether of sorts — one of those indicators you can use to measure someone’s personality. Guys, if you’re on a first date and you ask, “What do you think of ‘Wind Beneath My Wings?’” and the woman gets all verklempt and can barely pull it together to sob “Beaches!”, you must Leave Immediately

Jesus of Cool: The Worst Number One Songs of the 80s

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