04 August 2008

Bill Drummond

Bill Drummond is the former frontman of post-modern electro-pop shysters The KLF.  He and his bandmate Jimmy Cauty are most famous for euthanising the KLF by burning a million pounds of their pop earnings and then deleting their back catalogue.  According to The Scotsman, 
'Talking to Bill Drummond tends to inspire extreme thoughts. He is, in many ways, an extreme man. Legend has it that when he was a rock manager in the early 1980s, he planned Echo and the Bunnymen's tour schedule by drawing rabbit ears on a map and sending them along the route. And that, at the peak of the KLF's success in the early 1990s, he seriously thought about cutting off his own hand live on television. In the end he settled for pretending to shoot the audience. Before the KLF burned all their money, the duo gave Rachel Whiteread a £40,000 award for being, in their view, "worst artist of the year" when she won the £20,000 Turner Prize. Since then, Drummond has devoted himself to various, less costly projects, such as an exhibition called Is God a C***? (with a phone line allowing you to vote yes or no)'
Drummond's most recent music project, The17, involves choirs of 17 people singing just one note, with no audience.  The notes are recorded, and then played back to the choirs just once, and are then deleted.  Apparently it's 'a polemic about the death of recorded music'.
- The Scotsman, 4 August 2008

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