04 August 2008

Publican keen on career change

A New Plymouth publican is 'relieved to hear his establishment had become the first in Taranaki to be shut down for breaching liquor laws', the Otago Daily Times reports.  The owner of the Outback Pub 'n Grub told the media that after two other bars closed down his establishment attracted new clientele and things rapidly got out of control:

Central District liquor licensing co-ordinator Senior Sergeant Tracy Patterson spent more than two hours undercover at the Pub 'n Grub and saw how out of control things had become.  Ms Patterson told the court she had seen patched Black Power members dealing what appeared to be methamphetamine at the bar and people smoking cannabis near the doorman.  A teenage girl was so drunk she remained oblivious to the fact her breasts were exposed.  A middle-aged patron passed out next to Ms Patterson as she watched an under-17 sports team from Wellington being served at the bar.  The night was punctuated by a man leaping onto a table, raising his middle finger to the entire bar and yelling, "Who runs this place? I'm going to smash them."

Yep, sounds like the right time to bow out.

- Otago Daily Times, 5 August 2008

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