22 August 2008

Feminism is not an F-word

Retiring New Zealand National Party MP Katherine Rich gave a speech entitled 'Feminism is not an F-word' to the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women in Dunedin yesterday, outlining her views on the ongoing need for female empowerment, particularly in the workplace, where women still receive lower rates of remuneration.  During her speech Rich mentioned her enjoyment of a rare female triumvirate:
One highlight during her three terms in Parliament was watching the first female speaker of the House, Margaret Wilson, be received by former Governor-General, Dame Silvia Cartwright and Prime Minister Helen Clark.  Not since she attended the Outram Brownies in 1975 had she witnessed three females in charge, she said.

Once every 30 years?  Perhaps she's got a point.
- Otago Daily Times, 21 August 2008 

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